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Credit Card Risk Processing provides merchant accounts and payment solutions for credit card processing and online check processing (ACH). If you operate a high-volume or high-risk business, and cannot find the right merchant service for your needs we can offer the perfect solution. Since we specialize in high-risk accounts, we are able to offer the same high quality service to all of our customers without regard to their business.Typically high risk businesses have a hard time getting approved for credit card processing due to the high risk of chargebacks.  However, features offers that cater to the high risk merchant.  In addition to competitive fees they also offer a very powerful anti-fraud screening system to greatly reduce the chances of chargebacks.  Within a short time your business can begin processing all major credit cards. 


Get a high risk merchant account with full fraud protection and risk management. Full internet payment gateway features with real time reporting. If you think you are paying too much or can not get approved. Try us.

High Risk Credit Card Merchant Services - Online Pharmacies, Health / Herbal Supplements, Adult Websites, Tobacco sellers, Pre-Paid Cards, Travel Service, Online Hotcal & Car Reservations, Software Downloads, Marketing & Tax Consultants, Educational Literature, E-Cash, Web Hosting Companies, Online Dating, Global Charities, Online Advertising, VOIP, Voice over IP, Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing
The hardest part of setting up a merchant account is the acquiring bank, it is difficult for a small business owner to find a bank that will handle their credit card transactions. The credit cards companies penalize for chargeback ratio of over 2%. A chargeback happens when a cardholder disputes a charge and simply charges back, as eCommerce is a "no cardholder present transaction" the credit card companies have managed to assign this responsibility to the merchant first. If the merchant cannot handle the penalties and fees, then the bank is held responsible. So naturally the acquiring banks only want to handle merchants who have a good deal of exciting assets, and spotless credit history. Often a deposit is required, with large set up fees. A trading volume in excess of $50 000.00 would also be required by an acquirer, as usually their minimum processing fees are $2000 p/month.
With our extensive industry experience and solid banking relationships, we are able to service to 99.9% of high-risk customers with the same fast set-up time, training and support all our customers deserve. 

In addition to the merchant-initiated protection mechanisms described in this section, several automatic features have been incorporated into the Merchant Fraud Protection module to block out customers exhibiting suspicious buying behaviors, including:

  • A feature to block a credit card that is submitted and declined twice within 24 hours using different expiration dates.
  • A feature to check City and State entries for validity against the zip code entered.
  • A feature to check area codes for validity against the zip code entered.

The limitations as in Credit Card data not being captured by yourself, or in some cases, not having your own "bill descriptor", are the only real differences. You may also be concerned about the reliability of the third party processor, our merchant provider have been in business for almost 5 years and have a successful track record and process for over 500 merchants, worldwide. We do the due diligence and Risk Management compliance checks on the merchants in-house, and we are particular about which businesses we accept. We are a growing company, and service all areas of eCommerce business worldwide. Our strengths lie in our acquiring platforms.